Meet the Gulf Breeze City Council That Assisted in The Cover Up


Gulf Breeze city council members were aware of the unsafe conditions in the city parks but didn't think it was a priority to correct the unsafe conditions. Swings in every park located in Gulf Breeze Proper were showing decades of wear and many were in the condition of breaking when used. Below is a brief description of who was either on the city council or held other city government jobs in Gulf Breeze when the accident occurred and after it occurred. These city council members chose to ignore the unsafe swings in Gulf Breeze Florida city parks. They further conspired to keep a lid on what happened in McClure Park when a swing chain broke from decades of wear to its links. The person who was injured was left with a damaged spinal cord and the city never was held accountable because of the laws enacted in the state of Florida which give municipalities immunity from any liability of accidents on city owned property.


Each of these people chose to ignore unsafe conditions in the citys parks


Dave Szymanski
Dave Szymanski was the assistant city manager of Gulf Breeze, now he's Midway Commissioner in Navarre Florida. He said the dangerous swings in the video which were filmed outside the parks and recreation headquarters had lots of life left to them and we should take down the video. He assisted the city in the cover up.


Edwin Buz Eddy city manager
Edwin "Buz" Eddy was the city's manager for 25 years. During this length of time his city's park swings became worn out and neglected because Gulf Breeze had no safety inspection program for it's city parks. He and the city attoney Matt Dannheisser (now current mayor) used laws to escape liability of the accident.


Cherry Fitch Gulf Breeze
Meet Cherry Fitch city council member of Gulf Breeze, she along with other council members the mayor and city managers helped cover up the gross negligence the city was involved in when the city left dangerous swings hanging in city parks which were breaking and injuring residents. She got her council seat 4 years after the accident, however she was sent numerous letters regarding what happened but was instructed by Matt Dannheisser to keep quiet about it.

Update: Cherry Fitch is now the mayor of Gulf Breeze, I wonder if she'll do the right thing as the citys mayor and share with the residents of Gulf Breeze how her and her colleagues in city hall did nothing to protect the safety of the citys children when she held the power to do something. City council members are supposed to do everything they can to protect the citys residents, Cherry Fitch kept quiet for years at the request of mayor Dannheisser who just happened to be the citys previous long term attorney when the accident (negligence) occurred. They weren't about to let the cat out of the bag regarding how the city ignored safety issues in the city parks long after the accident. Most people would expect city officials to correct the safety issues rather than leaving them in place where children play.




Renee Bookout
Renee Bookout along with other council members the mayor and city managers helped cover up the gross negligence the city was involved in when the city left dangerous swings hanging in city parks which were breaking and injuring residents.



Curt Carver Gulf Breeze
Curt Carver was on the city council of Gulf Breeze and knew about the accident and the unsafe conditions of city parks that led to severe injury to a resident of Gulf Breeze. Curt did nothing about it and helped the city keep a lid on the negligence so no one would find out about it.



David Landfair city council
David Landfair city council member of Gulf Breeze was aware of the negligence the city was involved in along with other council members the mayor and city managers. He helped cover up the gross negligence the city was involved in when the city left dangerous swings hanging in city parks which were breaking and injuring residents. As a city council member, he received numerous letters along with the rest of the council in following years regarding what had happened, but they fell on deaf ears and were ignored to further help keep things covered up. He also has a teaching position at Gulf Breeze high school. He wants to be the city mayor.

Update: David Landfair was elected mayor of Gulf Breeze, then shortly afterwards resigned as part of a sex scandal involving high school girls as a teacher at Gulf Breeze high school. He was paying girls for sex behind his wifes back. Little does the community of Gulf Breeze know, David Landfair has failed as a member of this small quiet but wealthy town while holding positions of public trust, this sex scandal is only a piece of the corrupt puzzle inside city hall which has been kept from city residents. See article here 





Joseph Henderson City Council Gulf Breeze
Joseph Henderson was the city council member who wanted to carry a gun to all city meetings after the negligent accident the city caused in their parks. He apparently was afraid the injured would take revenge on city staff after the accident but did nothing as a member of the city council to correct the unsafe conditions of the parks.



Beverly Zimmern Gulf Breeze
Beverly Zimmern Gulf Breeze city council during the time of the swing accident in the city park. She transitioned to position of mayor after the accident and worked in collusion with the city's insurance company Florida League of Cities where she also held a board seat. This was considered a conflict of interest but she was never held accountable.



Mayor Lane Gilchrist Gulf Breeze
Long time Gulf Breeze mayor allowed dangerous conditions to exist in his city parks so kids and families would get hurt.



Clarence V. “Clay” Ford, who represented Pensacola and Gulf Breeze in the Florida House of Representatives. He assisted the city of Gulf Breeze in the cover up of negligence which led to a spinal injury when a city park swing broke. Even after Clay knew the swings were very dangerous he just said Gulf Breeze was out of his jurisdiction and the dangers remained for years putting every resident of Gulf Breeze's safety in jeopardy. He eventually offered to assist in a resolution between me and the city but not unless I fired my lawyer who was also involved in the cover up as well, pretending to represent me. I took his advice and then never heard from Clay again.