Playground Swing Accident

Gulf Breeze Playground Swings

Playground Swing Accident in McClure Park of Gulf Breeze

The playground swing accident that happened in Gulf Breeze was 100% preventable and is considered "gross negligence" because the evidence shows the city of Gulf Breeze did not take reasonable steps to prevent the playground swing accident from happening. The city of Gulf Breeze was never held accountable for the injuries to my back and spine which I still live with today. It should be known by all who ever go to Florida or decides to live there that the state has a law that gives cities like Gulf Breeze Immunity from being held liable for playground swing accidents when the swings have not been properly inspected by the city. This means you cannot sue if the city leaves dangerous conditions on any city owned property and you are injured as a result. Gulf Breeze has immunity from litigation involving playground swing accidents on city property; its the LAW!

it also means cities in Florida are not concerned if this type of accident happens since they are not liable by law.

This law is unjust and needs to change because what happened in Gulf Breeze was the city not maintaining their playground swings for safe use, the city of Gulf Breeze caused this playground swing accident. People should have the right to safe parks if parks are going to exist, period! If safety inspections are not going to be required by law in the playgrounds of Gulf Breeze and other cities in Florida, then the people should have the right to sue as to cover the damages sustained. Playground swings are trusted to not break and theres no excuse for playground swings to ever break causing injury.

After the playground swing accident occurred, city manager Edwin "Buz" Eddy would not return my phone calls even though I left numerous messages with city hall. The following 6 months while trying to get the medical attention I needed and figure out why this happened to me, I became homeless and lost everything I'd ever owned and I suffered tremendously because of my injuries.

Cities have a choice of either having playground swings in their parks or not having playground swings, but if they do have playground swings there's an expectation that they will maintain the playground swings for safe use. Gulf Breeze defied the laws of expectation in this case.

When it happened, the city's mayor was Lane Gilchrist until he later died. At this time, a city council member by the name of Beverly Zimmern took over as mayor. About this time, there was supposedly an investigation going on lead by Florida League of Cities (Insurance co for Gulf Breeze) and Slade & Darnell Adjusters Inc. Mayor Beverly Zimmern who went from being a city council member to mayor was also a board member at Florida League of Cities Municipal Insurance Board of Trust. She engaged in collusion between her city and the Florida League of Cities to deny her city was at fault which is a conflict of interest according to law. This triggered a letter sent to me saying there was no liability on part of Gulf Breeze regarding this incident. One month before this letter, the video was made to prove even after the incident which injured me, the city chose to leave other dangerous swings hanging in their parks. One of them was on the same swing set next to the one I used when it broke 10 months earlier. If this is not the city being liable then what is the definition of liability.

Why didn't the city replace the chains on the other swings after I was hurt???

This video was made exactly 10 months after the playground swing accident. A local newspaper was used in the video to document the date. Playground swings in nearly all parks in Gulf Breeze Proper still had worn out chains in a condition to break.


This is a story of corruption, gross negligence, cover-up and collusion involving city, county and state government with help from the Florida senate, Florida League of Cities, the governors office and numerous other state government organizations. This website doesn't provide the whole story as only families who have been touched by this corruption can tell you that. However, it was my story that led me to the discovery of other victims. This is what happens when cover ups take place, the truth is hidden, of coarse until it eventually comes out.

Sincerely, TheGuyWhoGotHurt - YOU TUBE


We are now witnessing how time never erases guilt no matter who you are, how much money you make or what your political affiliations may be. The truth eventually comes out and those who do wrong are being put on notice practically every day. This is a true story, one that was swept under the rugs of city hall in a small wealthy island town called Gulf Breeze Proper in northwestern Florida.

The city of Gulf Breeze Florida and it's management are GUILTY. The evidence on this website speaks for itself.

Once I became homeless as a result of this, I was never able to fight back due to my economical disposition, my injuries and unjust laws in the state of Florida.

Florida has Immunity laws that apparently protect those who do wrong if they work for city, county or state government. This law was not intended to shield a city from premeditated gross negligence, however it was used in this case to escape liability.

In the end after I became homeless as a direct result of this, the city of Gulf Breeze told me to go to Hell and the city manager told me it was not his problem.

I am back from Hell and I seek justice and accountability like any other normal person that this would of happened to


Meet Beverly Zimmern once a city council member at a time when the park swings were getting worn out to the point of breaking when used. She became mayor during the investigation. As shown below she was also a board member at the city's insurance company. She was working in Collusion with the insurance to deny my claim against the city. She claims on her facebook that she enjoys being a retired grandma, but if I were her kid, would she have done these terrible things. Sometimes people do very bad things to others because it has no effects on them or their conscience, for Beverly Zimmern it's apparently just who she is as a human being grandma or not. Her city was totally in the wrong and she used her professional affiliations to help the city get away with it and she belongs in prison.

Mayor Beverly Zimmern

The above screenshot was taken from the following website:
Capitol Trust Agency in Gulf Breeze where Beverly Zimmern also holds a board seat. Capitol Trust Agency is the little entity that makes money for the city via the Municipal Bond Market. Visit their website here:

More on Capitol Trust Agency can be found in this investigative article regarding the scams city's like Gulf Breeze engage in via the municipal bond market: Article Here

and these documents

Beverly Zimmern Gulf Breeze
Beverly Zimmern mayor of Gulf Breeze in 2009, and had served on the Gulf Breeze City Council since 2001

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